Financing for breast implants

I spent much of my adolescence waiting for my body to mature. Mainly waiting for my boobs to develop and catch up with the rest of my female classmates. Before I realized it high school was over and I was still had a flat chest. I knew having boobs wasn’t everything to everyone but they seemed to count for a whole lot in the dating world. I simply did not want to start college without having breast implants done. There had to be a way.

Since it was already mid July, I really didn’t have long to conjure up the cash required and my part time job as a baby sitter certainly wasn’t going to generate the five to six thousand dollars I needed. Getting out my pen and paper, I did the math in accordance with the amount of time I had and realized I needed another solution. Asking my parents was out of the question. My mother always said this is how God made you, love yourself. My father always took my mother’s side even if he felt differently.

A quick internet search revealed that many plastic surgeons offered in house financing for breast implants and other procedures. I went into the most popular plastic surgeon in town and filled out the paperwork for the loan expecting to get denied and praying I didn’t. Luckily for me my status as a student got me approved and I was scheduled for my surgery the next week. I was so excited and the next week seemed never ending but Friday finally came.

Dr. Smith and his staff were great going through all the pre-op information and letting me know what to expect. I awoke from the surgery feeling a bit sore but happy as I could clearly see two lumps under my surgical gown. It took me a few weeks to heal up and I had to do exercises for arm motions to avoid stiffness but the surgery was completely worth it.

My parents were kind of upset but eventually relented acknowledging that I was an adult, capable of making my own decisions. My plastic surgeon is a hero in my eyes my breast implants were nice and full while still appearing natural. I will never forget going to the beach in my bikini for the first time, the only women who say boobs aren’t important are those that don’t have any. Goodbye, flat chest.

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