Smile Makeovers and Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you disappointed with your smile? Do you wish to have a smile like a Hollywood star? Then cosmetic dentistry has everything for you. As per a new research, 80% people copy others while smiling, 60% people don’t even smile the way they want to smile due to embarrassment, and 40% people are completely unhappy from their teeth. These statistics are telling us that the majority of people need smile makeovers. If we combine cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, then we will definitely get the best results. Let’s talk about it.

Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers include facial reconstruction, cosmetic, or a dental procedure to improve and restore the smile. There are many reasons to choose smile makeovers; for getting pearly white teeth, celebrity look, amazing smile, and for enhancing their features. In cosmetic dentistry, there are many techniques that can enhance your smile as well as the appearance of your face.

Dental Treatments

Treating Bend Teeth: Braces and orthodontics can be the solution for your bend teeth. You can hide your teeth by instant orthodontics.

Treating broken teeth: There are a few methods to treat this condition; cosmetic bonding, porcelain crowns, and porcelain veneers.

Missing teeth replacement: Many big problems can appear if your teeth begin dropping off. Smile makeovers can do the magic of replacing missing teeth by using a few methods; Dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Closing Unusual Gaps: Unusual holes in the middle of your teeth can be simply closed so as to give you a better smile. This problem can be treated swiftly through numerous methods; Braces, Veneers, and basic orthodontics.

Hiding gummy smiles: This can easily be done through a Gum shaping process, which is a surgical procedure.

Teeth Whitening: who doesn’t know about this procedure? This common procedure can give the best smile by eliminating the stained, dark colored teeth. Even every type of discoloration can be treated with teeth whitening procedure.

Bottom Line

These procedures, as well as the treatments are ideal for treating your teeth and for giving the perfect smile makeover. The cost as well as the fees may vary according to the condition of the teeth, dentist fees, and material required in the process. Smile makeovers when combined with cosmetic dentistry provide the best result for enhancing the smile as well as the overall appearance of a person. A good cosmetic dentist can suggest you which type of treatment and makeover is best for you.